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From a fun hobby to a fun business

So how did Abigail Rachel Designs start?

Abigail was always very creative, that outlet of creativity gives her that space away from academics, her brothers and whatever else is going on in her tween life. Like her, I also love the arts so when she wanted to start a business I thought it would be a great idea.

Hard to believe it's already November and shopping season is here! Abigail has been very busy working on many colorful and sparkly things that will bring lots of joy to many kids (and adults too!). With a trunk show, fashion show and a holiday bazaar coming up, we will be very busy getting things prepared. Although this blog was written by her Momager, Abigail will write the next blog and will tell all of you what it was like to have her first big event in our community!

Thanks for reading,


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